Ireland – the Emerald Isle of Unforgettable Fishing

Fishing isn’t a pastime only for men of means.

This simple truth is ever so dynamically manifested in Ireland – a country of many natural reserves and thriving wildlife. The country’s territory encompasses water bodies of all shapes and sizes, both salt and fresh water. Coupled with the auspicious climate conditions, the wide variety of rivers and lakes vouch for quality fishing. To top things off, there can be found artificially populated fish ponds for those desperate to take home a big catch. Fishing inland or in the open waters of the ocean Ireland’s topology allows both. Furthermore, fishing is strongly underpinned by the local authorities. Look at it which way would, but I’d say every prerequisite for an unforgettable fishing vacation is there. How about we get even more factual and pinpoint a few actual spots with an excellent reputation.

Shore Fishing in Rosses Point County Sligo


Situated where the river Garavogue joins the sea, at the head of Sligo Bay, Sligo is a dream location for shore and boat angling alike. Sligo Bay is a wonderful place to catch mackerel, sea trout in the summer. The beach of Strandhill is a popular seaside resort, famed not only for its aesthetic scenery but also for the wildly diverse fish habitants. Flatfish, bass, and flounder depending on the season, the location and a stroke of luck you can find it all. Not too far away from Strandhill, in Porcurry Point an abundant catch of flounder and sea trout is also highly possible.

Boat Fishing in Sligo

Turbot Bank is renowned for the proverbial yields of turbot, dogfish, and ray. Another well-known place for angling is the Ledge. Highly appraised for the good pollack fishing, this location also accommodates ling, tope, and conger in large quantities. Not too far to the west is based a small harbor which is a source of quality ray and topes.

Lagan River County Antrim is Bursting with Fish


Lagan River crosses the heavily industrialized city of Belfast. The river’s coarse stretch connects the Red Bridge and Stranmillis Weir, maintaining waters deep enough for fishing throughout its course. River Lagan is good for gudgeon, Rudd and bream fishing, but among its other virtues is the good deal of pike found in the waters, This is also an ideal place to spin for perch albeit the tricky pathfinding along the towpath.

You can easily gain access to the best fishing spots there following the Loughview or Sharman Road. Not to forget, the towpath is equipped with disabled fishing stands.

Lough Muckno, Castkeblaney

The acreage around Lough Muckno is dotted with small lakes left, right, and centre. Gas Lake, Smith’s lake, Malone’s lake will all make it worth your while. With its depth at times nearing 20m, Lough Muckno is home to hordes of bream, rudd, roach, and tench. Coarse fish and pike are protected by the law for much of Castleblaney’s surroundings. This means you are to release those should you catch any. In all respects, Castleblaney is a site fostering action-packed fishing.