Who can rent?
Anyone 18 + can be the skipper once they produce photo ID prior to departure. Passengers can be of any age once children are under adult supervision. We have lifejackets for babies and toddlers which must be worn at all times.

Do I need a license?
No, we provide you with the training you’ll need to potter around the harbour. If you would like to get an ISA boat handling license we can help you get started and arrange for training and assessment.

How fast do the boats go?
The boats travel at a max of 15 knots

Can I bring or rent fishing gear along?
Absolutely, we can rent you gear or you may bring your own, just clean up after yourself.

Where do I get a life jacket?
We provide automatic life-jackets, which you must wear at all times.

Is there a time limit when out?
No, once you have booked the hours & have the fuel you can stay out but you must be back at the allotted time. However, you can phone the office while out and if no booking is in, you can re schedule your return time.

Can I go out at night?
No, the boats are not equipped for night operations.

Can I stay out later then booked?
Yes, once you call the office and the boat has no up coming booking you can stay out at the standard rental fees.

Can I swim from the boat?
No, you should not leave the vessel.

Can we go ashore somewhere other than the base?
No, you cannot be within 100 metres from the shore except when leaving or returning to the base.

How do I know where I’m going?
Each boat has a chart of the operational area and a list of the rules of the “road”.

Is it safe?
Absolutely, once you follow the rules, keep a clear head and don’t take chances.

Can we hire more then one boat?
Yes, each boat and skipper will be treated individually.

How many people do the boats hold?
In the harbour area 6 or 4/5 people if you are going beyond the harbour limits, boat model dependent.

Can I pay with a credit / debit card?
Yes, but only Visa or Master Card at the marina, however, we can take most cards via PayPal.

If you have any future questions please conact us accordingly and we’ll be happy to mail you the answer & add it to our Q & A’s