How to Best Spend Your Time in the West Cork Islands

The West Cork islands are a full-blown tourist destination with innumerable activities for people of every age and priorities. For landlubbers’ sake, the place hosts many leisure centres and offers a range of land-based entertainments. The likes of people who dare to confront the elements can test their courage in open sea. Brace yourself and step up to the challenge. If your marriage is in desperate need for that revitalizing spark don’t second guess it. The West Cork Islands is definitely the place to pull out of the bag of tricks for married couples. In such a place, pervaded by the spirit of adventure, excitement and genuine gratification are a given

  • All Good Things Go by Three – Sea, Lake, and River Angling Are All Within Grasp

    West Cork introduces a first-rate deep-sea fishing, that can’t be found anywhere else. On grounds of the jubilant feedback of anglers from all corners of the world, the place has been transmogrified to equally accommodate the needs of hobbyist and professionals. Be it the still waters enclosing the port and those bypassing the islands, or venturing into the deep, you can find transportation and fish anywhere you like. Reeling in from the shore is too a fantastic option – West Cork is famed for its bass beaches. Alternatively, if river and lake fishing float your boat, the surrounding area will do just fine.

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    A Must-Try Golf Experience Like No Other

    The green notion widely associated with Ireland just won’t go away. The country is reportedly one of the most sought-after golf locations worldwide. Finding a nice golf course in West Cork is no harder than taking a walk in the park. Without any hesitation, you can visit the Skibbereen and West Carbery club as soon as you set foot on Ireland soil. As far as equipment goes – you can hire it on the spot without planning in advance.

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    Sun, Waves and Well-Preserved Beaches

    Measuring against other tourist cities, Baltimore never ceases to surprise its visitors. However, for people in the know, the perl in the crown remains the unspoiled beaches, preserved from the harmful influence of the industrialized regions. Sheltered in the less-explored parts of the seashore, these virgin beaches are seldom visited by more than a few people at the same time – if you happen to see any at all. Despite their unmarketed beauty, those remote beaches are nevertheless great fun.

  • Walking and Sightseeing

    The unequaled in diversity nature of Ireland reels out breathtaking mountainsides, woods, and picturesque coastlines. The scenery is further enriched with remnants of historical value, which are famous draws for tourists of every caliber. I want to place on record the unrivaled hospitality of the indigenous people. If you’re lucky enough to happen on one of the local guides you’ll get to experience that firsthand as part of the tour.

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    Sailing, Boating or Kayaking – the Choice is Yours

    Skimming through the water in a brazen manner or floating carefree unbound by time and deadlines, you can do all that and more. The credit for the “more” part goes to the cliffy nature of the coastline of Baltimore and the still waters ideal for leisure kayaking. There isn’t a more poetic way of familiarizing yourself with the indefinite abundance of natural endowments in the area. When practiced under the supervision of an instructor, kayaking can be ideal for a family reunion or teambuilding.


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