What our customers say about us?

“It Was a Blast, Thanks for Everything”

I’m the owner of a small motorboat passed to me by my father who was a fisherman. All I wanted was to pay homage to my heritage, and Kinsale Boat Hire’s team of professionals were of great service to me! I can now trim and maneuver my boat, go fishing on a sunny Saturday, and all the rest. One thing I really liked is the natural progression I experienced, fostered by the neatly structured course and cogent class conduct. I don’t say that too often, but the money I spent was well worth it. When you go there you’re not just another cog in the machine. You go there with a clear goal and start working on achieving it from the very start.

“Promised Big and Delivered!”

Coming off the back of a huge win at my favorite online casino, and I decided to buy something big to commemorate the fortunate turn of events. I’ve always had a penchant for yachts, so it was a no-brainer for me to splash the better half of my winnings on my new 40-meter magnificence. The love for big boats gave birth to the latest challenge set before me, as I hadn’t operated one quite that big at the time. I was entrusted into the capable hands of captain Kinsale who taught me the ins and outs of managing big vessels. Without pushing the envelope too hard, I was competent enough to take my yacht into the open waters in less than two months, all thanks to the captain and his crew.

“One Very Informative Course”

I was in a spin over trying to make time for the course, but it was neither hard to sign up nor too time-demanding to attend regularly. I exhausted the printed materials they provided me with in no time and asked for more textbooks, which they gave me. I was so eager to proceed to the practical part on account of the loads of positive feedback I read on the internet. When I finally got to the “real deal”, which is navigating a boat under supervision, I felt as if I’m daydreaming. None of my friends believed I’d learn how to operate a boat, but thanks to the keen support and guidance from the instructors I proved them wrong.

“A Time Well Spent. I Recommend Kinsale Boat Hire’s Services to Everyone”

First of all, the pricing really well-thought. I feared, they’ll make me dip deep into my savings once I make a commitment to sign up, but after a short talk, the lead manager came up with a tailor-made plan for me. It wasn’t before we started that I fathomed the level of dedication and professionalism of the staff members there. They will make you feel comfortable and disposed towards quickly learning everything that you need. All tutors there easily come up to the standards of even the academical level, and that comes out from the mouth of a long-serving teacher.