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Maybe recently you bought a boat and are looking for a few tips on before you get on the water? I’ll be delighted to share with you a a few different things I’ve learned over the many years on water, maybe there’ll be something for everyone. And hopefully we will hit it off right away.

Cruising, sailing or fishing, my expertise holds water in all areas. All these various activities give recreational boating a new lease of life, and earn it the reputation of one of the most versatile and engaging hobbies to be enjoyed by you and your family and friends. If you choose to operate a boat yourself you should do so in a legal, and above all, safe way. For this, you need to be well-versed in the boating laws and the specifics of your boat, the best environment where you can operate safely, and how to handle emergency situations, with all of which I will be very pleased to help. Should you be keen on having leisure time and simply enjoy fishing, Captain Kinsale will again be more than happy to have you on board. In case you want to obtain certain qualification, you can benefit from my extensive tutoring experience and I promise you’ll sail through the exam.

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Boating Lessons – It’s Easier Than You Would Expect

Don’t run the risk of being had by non-qualified imposters who just look like experienced captains.

Not to mention there’s a good deal of folks who are one sandwich short of a picnic and could seriously endanger their client’s health with their ignorance. Unfortunately, the rebuttal of non-certified boating instructors isn’t as conspicuous as it used to be before. Be that as it may, you ought to find only quality advice and instructions coming out of my mouth, naturally mixed up with stories of old and practical tips. Me and my assistants endow every aspirant with special attention and first-hand experience.

First thing we’ll cover are the basics. How to check the weather and distinguish the favorable conditions for smooth sailing. It’s always worth knowing what the tides are doing or else you might get in a sticky situation trying to come back if you don’t have enough water to do so.


We will go through many a rule that will keep the dangerous situations at bay. For example, you should always make sure the boat is running before you untie it for obvious reasons. Once you untied, pushed off and made your way safely into open water the next thing you want to do is to form an opinion about the speed of the boat and how it reacts. Unfortunately, speedometers in boats are infamously inaccurate, but I will guide you through the better mobile applications I’m banking on during my adventures.

If you want to make a name for yourself as a fearless sea wolf you can attend the advanced boating course I specially devised for the needs of those already well-acquainted with the basics. There we get up close and personal with the speed regulations. There’s a few general speed limits – 4 knots, 8 knots at speed zones and an implicit 10 knots if you’re within 30 meters of something solid. We’ll run over every single one of the situations and act them out on water until you get a good feel for the boat.


Promised Big and Delivered!

Coming off the back of a huge win at my favorite online casino, and I decided to buy something big to commemorate the fortunate turn of events. I’ve always had a penchant for yachts, so it was a no-brainer for me to splash the better half of my winnings on my new 40-meter magnificence. The love for big boats gave birth to the latest challenge set before me, as I hadn’t operated one quite that big at the time. I was entrusted into the capable hands of captain Kinsale who taught me the...

Hire me For an Unforgettable Cruise Through the Crystal Waters of the West Cork Islands

The capacious sea view of the West Cork Islands not only sustains prolific quantities of diverse fish species, but also has spectacular sightseeing characteristics. Open yourself a bottle of beer and breathe in the damp morning breeze. I’ll take you to mystified places you’re bound to leave with misty eyes. There are breath taking sites steeped in history, that let you to go back in time and experience a motley mixture of profound feelings.

We’re not in only for the gazing with bated breath. One of my prominent virtues is I’m an illustrious historian and I’ll prop up every step of our journey with facts and immersive stories. You can disassociate me from the folks who disseminate made up stories though. My narrative is true and factual, taken from academic history books.


Your safe and wholesome experience is guaranteed, me and my crew have an intimate knowledge of the Ireland waters. You can lean back and indulge in the comfort of our boats while me and my crew take care of the rest. We’ll do our utmost to make you feel as part of the fabric of our team. Book on the phone or drop us a line, it’s up to you!